Can Type 1 Diabetics be pilots or ATC in the UK

Hi everyone, I wanted to know if a Type 1 Diabetic could become a pilot or ATC in the UK.

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I’m fairly certain if you have any type of diabetes you can not be a commercial pilot… Not sure about atc

Why not though?

I think it’s in case they have a dramitic change in blood sugar and need medical attention… It’s can be a fairly serious occurrence, especially on a Commercial flight.


Oh ok fair enough. Thank god I’m not a diabetic…

NATS (ATC people at Heathrow/Gatwick possibly too etc.) didn’t used to consider diabetics but I’ve just checked and they now do.

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Ben, I would do some research on this, there might be a loophole somewhere :)

There no loophole. If you require any type of medicine to function you sadly cannot


Is it his way everywhere, just for UK citizens, or just in the UK?

This is what you need to read, the CAA notes on the class 1 medical.

Specifically this section is about diabetes

In order to really translate this as to whether you can pass the medical you would be best off seeing a doctor. You can try asking the CAA to clarify but in my experience they will just say go for an initial class 1 medical.


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