Can they see your history?

Can mods/staff see the history of your IF account? This includes flights, logbook, controlling, and everything else regarding your account. I’m just curious.

Yes they can I believe


They are able to see violations and what they were issued for, so there is probably more than that they can see though.

Yes. I believe Staff, Moderators and some IFATC Supervisors have access to a “Dashboard„ where they can view different things about you based on their position. I’m not sure to the extent each position can view your information but at the very least they can see display name, violation history, ghost history and the stats you see in your grade table. This is so they are able to reverse violations and ghostings should not easily need arise.

Not all supervisors have dash access. There’s a reason that such sensitive information is kept close to the vest.


Can they go through your logbook?

Since the data is stored on the server there is a way for appropriate parties to review it in certain cases. However, that does not mean that they get bored and randomly review profiles without reason. For example, Moderators use this information when finding a report to reverse.

Is there something specific you are trying to get at in terms of data? All of the data they have access to is found outlined in the Infinite Flight Terms of Service and Privacy Policy on their website.


Can you tell me where in the TOS I can find the information you have access to?

Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

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