Can the ULCC bashing stop?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and review. However, much of the criticism pointed towards ULCCs is not really justified. If you’re the type to throw a hissy fit because easyJet did not give you 2 free bags of cashews, then please read this to understand why.

The ULCC that I flew on had horrible service. No IFE, no legroom, and no free drinks!:

Of course, it’s called an Ultra Low Cost Carrier. The initial ticket only covers the cost of carrying your arse and a small briefcase from point to point. Nothing else.

Think of it as a build-your-own-breakfast (Buffet) in hotel lobbies. You go to the hot bar and get your plate, table and chairs, drink (OJ, water, etc.) and utensils. That’s the initial ticket cost to carry you on yhe plane. You can choose to live with that, or you can add some food to that plate (Purchase more services). You add on belgian waffles, scrambled eggs, donuts, hash browns, bacon, etc. all for a fee. ULCCs operate the same way: You can add on baggage, drinks, snacks, extra legroom, etc.

If you want to go to a formal restaurant to get breakfast, you can pay for all of those at once in a special combo order. This is like the legacy/full-service carriers. You get all the eggs in the basket but they are added on top of the initial ticket cost.

So if you expect to get everything without having to pay anything, then get the full service carrier. If you want the initial cheaper tocket, then don’t complain. If you didn’t pay for it, don’t expect it. They aren’t charities, they are businesses.

I don’t like my ULCC so I will exaggerate every bad thing about them and paste my horrible ordeal all over the internet:

That makes you a Grade A _ _ _ _ (I unfortunately cannot type what I want to say without an angry mob carrying torches protesting). The only time this is balid is if you are mistreated by the flight attendant or you observe or are a victim of malpractice on the part of the crew or airline. Otherwise, don’t whine. It’s not their fault that they don’t give you services you didn’t pay for. So it’s not fair if you take one bad landing that coincidentally happened on your flight then blow it to obscene proportions. It’s not fair that you make generalizations.

Whether you like it or not, you will never get the airline to stop flying as long as the millions of people who rely on ULCCs decide to drive instead of fly.

Many ULCCs maintain decent business practices:

Airlines sub as Ryanair and Spirit have turned around and are trying to improve the pax experience. Many maintain young fleets of fuel efficient narrowbodies. They deliver what you pay for and that’s all I ask for and all that consumers should expect. Spirit isn’t a freaking charity.

So next time you think of posting a hate filled rant about how Ryanair ruined your vacation because your flight didn’t come with a free coke, consider the validity of your complaint.


Liked before I even read the whole post. Couldn’t have said it better.


Might want to fix that.

Anyways, great explanation.

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Superb mate. People have an unrealistic expectation of all airlines. If you want to fly as it suits them, grab yourself a ppl and an ME/IR then go buy your own plane.

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People complaining are probably 15 year old kids that think they could fly a plane better than the pilot.


People hate on ULCCs, they don’t realize that they fill an important role in the travel marketplace. There are a few airlines on my no-fly list, for various reasons. The only ULCC on the list (if you would count it as such) is Allegiant.

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Allegisnt has a “thing” against maintenance so that is perfectly valid ;).

Maybe 17 or so years ago, the departed ULCC Tower Air would be quite high up on my list :)

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I have no problem with Frontier. Except spending 8 hours with a broken airplane on Christmas. But they are my favorite airline!

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I love ULCCs because I got a flight to Barcelona for a long weekend for £15 each way!


At last someone’s said it, like IceBlue says I couldn’t have said it better, I fly with ULCCs all the time and quite frankly couldn’t agree with you more.

Now I guess I should justify a day/or explain my rants before I sound hypocritical😅

If ever I am complaining about ULCCs, I am only doing it in comparison to other ULCCs, eg. If I’m complaining about EasyJet, a ULCC, (usually about delays) it’s because another ULCC eg. Ryanair is offering a better service for the same or a better price. (Once again I would just like to stress if ever I am complaining about a Problem with a ULCC it’s because another ULCC doesn’t have that problem)
And like I say if I’m ranting about any airline, it’s usually about important things like delays and lost luggage (unless of course it was an expensive flight, in which case I will expect some level of service) not about hard landings, no free snacks, no WiFi, no entertainment system etc.


Why do people expect the crew to greet them with gold, take their jacket,walk the to their seat, and give them all they want if they only paid $15 for a ticket. People need to use common sense before having expectations for certain things, PEOPLE, keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

Love this post but think about the actual drawbacks of flying with Ryanair… this isn’t a bash just a statement. Their complaints and compensation handling is shoddy to the heavy end of the spectrum not what you would expect from a company that makes millions.
They also land hundreds of miles away from your intended destination providing you with the worst terminals to land at even if the airport is the same as the larger airlines causing long walks and for many people this wipes the cost efficiency of the tickets off and you might as well fly with BA LH VA or any other legacy carrier that pops into mind :p

Airlines don’t have control over the state/condition of the terminal! That is completely down to the airport!

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Every person should greet you with a smile, its called courtesy. The price doesn’t matter.


Airlines get charged for services hence the difference between modern terminals and more run down terminals. If you know any heads of airlines then please elaborate because I know people who run these airlines and decide what sort of strategy these airlines make.

This guy knows ALOT^^^^^^^^

Fair enough but of ULCCs pay more for better terminals the ticket prices will be higher! Also I’ve had no problem with terminals ULCCs park at!

It’s Ryanair’s business model to not fly to major airports so you don’t see so much of a difference but for EasyJet when they fly from Gatwick the difference between the North and South terminal is staggering. They also save money by not using jet bridges and not having to call for mobile stairs… not saying this is a bad thing it just doesn’t fit into my expectations for flying.

love the sarcasm… back it up

However you choose to take it lad. Business Class, Pleb Seats to Malaga (a journey ive done by the way 😁, I must be a pleb for enjoying a holiday to Spain one year) Low Cost opinions, Airport Directors. How you expect to be treated.

Yet your picture is of a roughly 15 y.o child. Is it your son? Been watching your progress with interest.