Can the Samsung A10 run well?

Hi, I’m looking into getting a second device to play infinite flight on, is the samsung A10 any good?


No lol. The A10 is a budget phone with budget specs, you will be lucky to be able to play on low graphics with all planes hidden. I’d suggest the a71 instead if you can afford it


How about an A20

Let’s not jump straight to conclusions. :)
The Galaxy A10 is a budget device, but the Exynos 7884 inside it is an upper mid range CPU actually. Additionally, it only has a 720p display which won’t stress it as much as a 1080p display.
I would expect it to run similarly to the Galaxy A5 from 2017, maybe a tiny bit better (from the compatibility thread).

It’s obviously not good, but if you want to buy it, make sure to get the 4GB RAM version.

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Okay thanks!

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Hi there!

I can say with experience of 3000+ hours of using Infinite Flight with the A-Series that overall it is a good choice.

I used the A40 for a long time. It was good, but did get laggy in some places such as live cockpit and the such. More information can be provided if needed.

I currently use the A70 and have done since January, not too long ago, building up about 1,500 hours in game total. It does get choppy at some points after a short while in the cockpit, but I usually go to an exterior view and switch back. It’s not something you can leave on forever since the frame rate does drop continuously the longer you’re in it for.

Overall I like using the A##, but would definitely recommend the A70 or better, since it bumps up a lot of systems on the device, something you’d need for the next few updates in the game.

I have no experience with the A10, but from what I’ve seen it’s more a smart-phone only use, not for gaming. I wouldn’t reccomend it to play Infinite Flight on.

Also I literally fly 24/7 and occasionally restart the app to refresh itself and give it a few moments to let the system stop working hard.


I am replying on a A10 and i can say from experience, stay away from it. I love Samsung phone but this phone can barely handle day to day use wirhout lagging out. Seriously, you will only be wasting your money if you buy one. Sorry man

Okay thanks for the help!

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Hey man, I use the A50, I played IF on this phone for I guess half a year? Extremely fluent, never app crashed, counted several times of drops :). I am pretty satisfied, overall I like the game experience on Samsung A50, not only IF, but also other games :D


The Samsung s10e has almost flqgship specs and supposdly y csn buy it for around $300 now. righto, I’m gonna start off with a shameless plug:

Based on your initial post, you are simply looking to get a secondary device mainly for the purpose of infinite flight? If that’s the case, I would strongly recommend looking at refurbished or pre owned devices, you can pick up some excellent deals cheap nowadays like the Pixel 2 series, Xperia XZ1, Samsung Galaxy S8, the Razer Phone and many others.

Feel free to dm me if you want a more comprehensive list, I’m happy to provide ☺️

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Heya there
As a long time Samsung User I can say that any phone from the S8+ and above is fine. I play Infinite Flight on my Samsung Galaxy 9 I’ve had it for over a year and it works beautifully on max everything.

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