Can the Ryanair stairs open in flight?

##Can the Ryanair 737-800 stairs open in-flight?

Stupid Question you might think, However this past weekend I had the pleasure (rolls eyes) of flying Ryanair.

As we know, with Ryanair you well and truly get what you pay for…including the seemingly rapid descents _which interestingly the Ryanair captain next to me (himself flying home) said was to ‘save money, the longer they are higher the faster they go’…

Whilst stood waiting next to forward doors for the toilet on their 737-800, I noticed a very obvious button ‘Stair open’…It made me think, could the stairs be opened during flight? - The panel holding back in the flight wasn’t air sealed, it was seemingly just a locked hatch.

I spoke with the captain next to me, he said he had no idea, he confirmed that his understanding where that they weren’t locked by ‘wheels up’ or anything similar, and he is aware of an incident where the cabin crew have knocked the button during taxi and they have deployed.

###Does anyone have the answer?
Surely an airline like Ryanair, famous for their holiday destinations and drunken Irish weekend trips, wouldn’t risk a drunken idiot deploying the stair mid flight?!


There has to be a weight on wheels switch or something that restricts the stairs. If they deployed in flight they could rip off and impact the wing or the engine…and that would be a bad day


Nope, they are locked. I believe the cabin pressure plays a part in this role, though I’m probably wrong.


Never seen a stair in-built in a plane. Is that standard?

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My understanding it, it’s a Ryanair thing (budget airline) to save money on paying for JetWays!

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Slightly concerning that the Captain didn’t know how a piece of equipment on his aircraft didn’t work. Of course he could have just being obscure in order not to give away secrets or tempt you to try and open it!


Awh no mate, he was very genuine, he was catching a lift back, very down to earth and nice. Told me loads of interesting things, and to be honest it was quite interesting to just sit and listen! If he knew, he would have said…'Told me all about how he ‘doesn’t like to fly with his seatbelt on…ever’! I’d love to be a fly on the wall on the flight deck sometimes!


The stairs can only be operated once the forward door is opened to the cocked position. It is not possible to operate the stairs if the door is closed since there is safety circuit which prevents this.


What’s your Source mate?

My source is the Ryanair fcom

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No idea…But I’ll take it! - Thanks for clearing up :D

The get what you pay for part regarding descents is not something just Ryanair does. Idle descents have become standard at many airports as it saves time and a ton of fuel.


Yeah was interesting, as I sat there daydreaming to feel the floor seemingly fall from your feet! Haha.

It’s been used on others. The older md-80s had them. Also, crjs have them. There just in the door.

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It would have the exact same safety features as the emergency slides. They cannot be opened in flight. Google how they work and the restrictions on how they are and can be deployed.

Let’s have a bit of common sense here, do you honestly believe that Boeing would build an aircraft, and a company would fly an aircraft, where any passenger can literally walk over at FL340 and pull a single lever which would ultimately, almost certainly, bring the aircraft down…

No way, I didn’t even know this was a thing! How smart.

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