Can the memory run the "Global Flight" and "A New Dawn"?

I know in the future update will be add a lot more but can it run well?
I would say this because I play in solo mode when the flight time up to 30 minutes or more, it became un-smooth so I’m a bit worry…
Sorry for bad English ( not my first Language )


I would assume you could change settings to make it back to original? You should be able to handle global flight though.

This may sound stupid… but here comes standard troubleshooting anyway… Did you ensure that all unnecessary apps are killed?

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Definitely, I did it every time I played

It depends on the device you’re playing on. Can I ask which device you’re playing on? :D

IPad Air :)

Should have no problems.

Ok, let’s use common sense, why would the Devs release things out devices couldn’t handle? Unless you use a really old device, it probably will be able to handle it.

Just asking :(

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