Can the iPhone 7 pick up tower?

I have an iPhone 7 and I can communicate properly with approach but when I contact tower either they can’t hear me or I can’t see their message. It is really frustrating. Approach handed me to tower then I requested approach once then waited then requested again. This is the second of five times it has happened. Before the flight I cleared the cache and restarted the phone.

Have you tried deleting and then reinstalling the app? That might be able to fix it. If that doesn’t, i’ll leave it to the pro’s. Cough cough @Balloonchaser cough cough

Yep tried that too before but I don’t want to do that before every single flight.

You shouldn’t have to either! I wonder if it has anything to do with your internet connection? But if you connect to approach and not tower then im not sure.

Leaving it to the pro’s lol

But did the re-install make a difference?
Sounds like a really weird issue this one…

What does the problem look like? Does the Tower frequency not appear in the list? Or is communication not working? Have you tried turning into Tower via the Tune button on the airport info?

I understood it before on long hauls when I exited out to set my alarm. This time I did a small 1 hour flight and stayed in the app no issue. I didn’t want to spam 4 times for tower as I risk ghosting then.

The phone heated up less but other than that not really.

Would multiple internet connection around me be the issue? I moved to a new place and there are like 10 strong connections around me along with mine.

I think you can use the callsign NORDO that would indicate to the controller that you have an issue all you have to do is follow their commands.


You can install a WiFi analyser app on your phone and check the channels in use around you. WiFi access points should pick a free channel tjemselves but this doesn’t always work. Depending on what the analyser shows you could change the WiFi channel on your access point / router.

Do any other app have internet issues?

My golfing app has frame rate issues where it suddenly speeds up when the ball lands on the green. My Youtube app sometimes closes out on its own. That is all.

I don’t think you’re the only one having this issue. Earlier today nearly every time I sent someone to tower they couldn’t change. I’ve never seen this issue before but apparently another controller I was talking to already saw this happening not so long ago.
Hopefully it gets solved. Not sure if it’s on the user’s side or IF’s side the problem.

Im just curious if it is a timing issue. This happened to me in the afternoon but had no issue at night. That might be crazy though lol.


I use an I phone 7 Plus and have had issues with the radio communications in the past. For me it seems to happen most frequently when I transition from LTE, (or other cellular source), to WIFI during a flight. The only solution I have found other than completely closing the app and rebooting, (thereby loosing my current flight), is to pause the game and manually switch from cellular to wifi; then back again. This might just be a “band-aid” to whatever the real issue is but it is all that I have found that works. Hope it helps you out as it’s a real drag to be on approach to a field with ATC after an 8 hour flight only to realize you can’t communicate with them.

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Why does pausing the game actually do? It is just when I pause I still my plane moving when on autopilot.

I pause the app long enough to allow it to loose it’s “live server” link. After establishing a new connection with my WIFI source, the server reestablishes its live link and the radio is back to working as intended. Hope I’m not confusing you here.

If you can’t find a solution here, possibly try contacting support via email at or send a message to @support here on the forum detailing the issues you’re having.

Best of luck.

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Some tips:

• Make sure you have a stable internet connection
• Avoid leaving the app (pausing a session) once you begin a flight
• Always restart your device before flights if able

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As @Yusif_Kimeisua said if you change your callsign to NORDO IFATC should realise you can’t respond and get you to the ground. You won’t be ghosted.