Can’t wait for the new update!

I’m so hyped for the new A350 class aircraft, but first off, will we get the new global map that was announced on the developer blog/and will we get clouds at the same update? (The excitement is real, I’m guessing I should expect an update announcement by the end of the week) :D

And why not, add a space shuttle so we could fly to the moon much faster than NASA wants to (in 2025). We could do it:)


I’m just as excited as you are😃 but I don’t think the a359 will come until at least 3 months from now. Clouds, I don’t know, hopefully this month!


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see 👀


The A350 is closer than you think @Abudy. But we can’t assume. You just have to wait

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Whoa, I thought the plane was in development since early April or something, impossible 😂! 3 more months would make things so…difficult. I think B777 has another 3 months to go though, haha.

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We’re guaranteed one. which one the 777 or a350? who knows time will tell there’s the development thread. For both the 350 and 777. Nobody knows what will come out when. 🙂

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I meant the A350. Obviously 😆

I can’t wait for the cloud update. For the other things I’ll see…


That’s where you can be wrong. They have to code the physics for the A350. The 777 needs a touch up. And they have the base physics there already. Only time will tell 👍


We should get an update that would allow us to fly into space, but that’s if they ever decided release a Space Shuttle era aircraft. It’ll be so cool. X-Plane 11 on PC does have that although it was from early 10th version. It’ll be fun :)

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Haha. I know. I’m talking about years from now. I’m sure phones would be so powerful that IF would release anything that’s related to flight simulation. 🤣

Try at least 4 months from now

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Even better, 4 billion years from now, until our own Sun melts😋


Announcement about what?

Just a general update announcement on Instagram or on the Announcements tab lol😉

We’re all excited! And some just can’t hide it! Let’s try not to lose control, because the mods won’t like it.

Can I make a reference like that here? Or am I too old?


Exactly. But, I gotta say, once the A350 gets out, I’ll fly it a lot. I’ll treat it as an A380 on drugs, since the liveries are gonna be awesome.

We are all so excited!

However, this will probably become one of those 'Speculation" threads quite soon. There are separate feature requests in which you can vote rather than announcing what you think should be in the game here.

We don’t know what will come, or when it will come. Only the Devs know, and I don’t think they ever give out information just like that.

Hey, I’m 13 and am still groovin’ to these old disco beats! 🕺 You’re never too old!