Can’t view ATIS

So today earlier I was at OMDB and right when I spawned in, I was auto-tuned to Ground frequency. I went to go to the ATIS frequency through the ATC menu and it was not there. I go to the airport icon and tune into ATIS there which worked showing a controller was doing ATIS the same amount of time as Ground and Tower were operating, however no ATIS message appeared and when I tuned into the Ground frequency, the controller was telling aircraft to follow ATIS or instrument procedures etc. Not sure what the case is here. Through all of this, the ATIS frequency was still unavailable from the ATC menu.

It seems like the controller may of forgotten to publish the ATIS but set it on their end. I believe that if the ATIS is not published by the controller when set, you will not be tuned to the ATIS freq when you initially spawn in since there is no info to be displayed.


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