Can’t use my keyboard for flights

I have my smart Apple SmartKeyboard connected to my device, but It doesn’t allow me to use it for commands, any help would be great.

Device: iPad Pro 9,7’
Keyboard: Apple Smart Keyboard

Hey can tell me these things

Keyboard make


iOS system

Smart Keyboard (apple)

Update: 12.1


These commands won’t work, flaps, brakes etc

A keyboard doesn’t work you need to use your fingers for the game and you may need to refer to keyboard instructions

Maybe because the commands are unassigned

Restart the device and turn the keyboard for 5 mins turn on after

I’m trying a new setup, I’ve used fingers for a while (many months)

The keyboard is connected, it works in other apps

@DGGR please use the suggestions I told you above


iOS is a little more particular about connecting devices to other apps. What @J2S says about the key commands being unassigned is mostly correct, but are you having this same issue for any other commands, or just the ones you listed above?

If you go into settings, controls, commands you are able to individually map each command to the desired key on your keyboard, however it may not work completely, and sometimes the keymapping resets when you exit the app.

Alternatively, if you have access to a PC, I’d recommend using liveflight connect, it streamlines all connections between your device and external peripherals


I have the commands assigned, b = brakes etc. but pressing b doesn’t turn off/on the brakes.

In addition, it won’t register me changing the ‘Alternative’ key binds. I will try using my laptop for this when I got time next. Just a bummer that I cant use this keyboard for some odd reason.

I would also like to say, that I’m Grade 4 and that I know how the controls work normally. Just trying a new setup

I’m not in any way doubting your experience, nor am I responding as if you’re completely new to the game 🙂 just trying to provide some, hopefully, helpful tips to make your experience a little better. As I said, iOS is quite funny with the usage of external devices, and it may just be that your iPad isn’t allowing the keyboard to connect to the app correctly. Give the app, tablet and keyboard a quick restart, see if that helps.
Otherwise I’d still recommend liveflight 🙂

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The blurred part wasn’t for you, you’re helping lots! Thank you! I’ve restarted the app lots, changed the keyboard. I think the only solution would be live flight connect. Again thank you for the help.

Happy to help @DGGR

Completely understood, thanks for the clarification. If you have any issues… I do price myself on being good with support, so feel free to drop me a PM 🙂

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Yeah also I’m a bit of a tech nerd so you can PM me and I’ll try to help you as best to my abilities

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