Can’t use category

So i became a trust level 2 not to long ago and for some reason i can’t use the category #real-world-aviation is there a reason why?

You’ll have it updated soon. Don’t worry

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Hello @Johancy_Mejia1!

From what I can see, you got the promotion around 7 hours ago. You should allow some time for your account to adjust to the update, and like MJP said, don’t worry, it’ll be there soon. I’d allow up to 24 hours before seriously being concerned, but I’m sure you’ll have the ability to post in #real-world-aviation soon enough!


Adding on to what others have said. The #real-world-aviation category requires permission or approval from staff and moderators before posting a topic, if that’s what you meant as well. This was a semi-recent change that can be found below:

Real World Aviation Category - June 2020 Changes


Yea i’m able to post on the topic now

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