Can’t talk to other aircraft as ATC

It doesn’t let me talk to any planes when using ground or tower but I’ve also got no problems with connection


You are most likely in the Observer Mode. This means another person took your frequency before you. Try another, less busier airport.

Help us help you.

Provide some more info that can be used diagnostically.

A screenshot would be step one. What, if anything, do you see underneath the frequency?
Do you hear another controller communicating with the aircraft? Etc.


In addition to what @Tim_B said. Device, system (iOS etc) and version of infinite flight may also be helpful :)

Did you try this with other airports?

As mentioned, sometimes you want to open an airport and 1 second before you do, someone else grabs it. You then come in in Observer mode, and you see the letters Obs. on the Tower/Ground tab.

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