Can’t Takeoff in CRJ-200

What were the winds on takeoff, and where were they coming from??

Not really any winds at all.

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Did you have a synchronized fuel load, or did one side have more fuel??

All synchronized to have same amount of fuel in each tank.

Sometimes even a slight wind can have an effect. I had a 7kt crosswind on takeoff with the CRJ-700 a while ago and I almost clipped a 767 holding short. In my opinion, it’s something that may have to do with the way the T-tail design works. Not sure tho

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I’m not sure if this is bug, but check out this topic to see if anything helps.

I’m not sure if this was fixed in the rework but give the solution a shot.

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I’ve never had a problem with the other CRJ’s.

Well I could takeoff in the old model just fine so I believe that it is just this. But thanks for the topic.

  • Turn off auto coordination
  • Use rudder to track straight down the runway. Tilting your device in the “banking” manner will not make the takeoff easy
  • Flaps 8
  • Trim minimum of 50% (55%-60% works great)
  • Rotate mid-130kt range

If you’re still having issues, recorded a video and post it to YouTube if you’re able so we can have a better understanding of your issue.


Issue still consists. How can I record a video?

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For me it’s just the rudder being real sensitive

I had the same problem, I was taking of in my Kendell CRJ200 at Albury (place in REALLY south New South Wales in Australia) and the winds was at 13 knots, I skidded off the runway and had to end my flight, but I have no idea how this is happening


Seems like it’s not the CRJ2 I think your doing something your not noticing
I managed perfectly fine on my takeoff.Infact it was really good

I did it fine with the old mode and every other aircraft. I don’t believe that I am doing anything wrong personally. :)

Are you able to send us a short video? Make sure the yoke is showing in the bottom of the screen, it’ll help.

It shows for most of it. If I need to redo it then that is fine.


Seems like you’re taking off in a crosswind and are not using the rudder. Could you try to takeoff on 28L (where the winds are in your favor)

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Hmm odd
Use your rudder if that happens it’ll help
The winds are kinda strong crosswinds
I say takeoff on 28L
If it still behaves the same way With winds in your favor and u using your rudder it probably is the games issue
Also I tend to go 85-93%N1

Yeah seems like taking off on that runway did the trick. Thanks mate!

If a mod wishes to close this now, then that would be great.

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