Can’t spawn in?

I have been trying to spawn into JFK for the last 15 minutes but I have been stuck on the loading screen. I have restarted my device, the app and have tried multiple aircraft along with gates. What can I do?
iPhone 6s

Try spawning in at another airport and then try JFK again.

If that doesn’t work then reset your router.


Are you using Wifi or Cellular? Wifi usually loads faster than cellular! Try to clear all your background apps!

I was successful spawning in at Dulles but once I tried JFK again it wouldn’t load. Have had any problems there until now, no background apps running. Should I still try restarting the router?

Yes, reset your router and then try again. If you still can’t spawn there try KLGA. Let us know what happens. Thanks, Chris

Okay, try spawning in on a different server.

Tried TS1 and Casual same thing.

Okay, there may be an issue with one of your files. Delete the app, restart your device and reinstall.

That worked, Thanks Chris!

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