Can’t spawn in my local airport now since 19.4

I can no longer spawn into my local airport (EIDL) that I fly out of all the time on this app since 19.4 in a q400 which this airport can easily handle in real life. Another airport I fly into a lot in this game (EIKY) will not let me spawn in a q400 or larger (this airport receives 737-800 flights multiple times a day) can somebody please fix this.

Hi, no it says the aircraft is too large for the airports (should of mentioned it😂) and I can’t spawn in at them

Kuba, it is possible that this user is experiencing something else unrelated to scenery rendering. This is more along the lines of the gate sizing and its implementation into the app from airport editing. @Moritz is this related to previous discussions we’ve had in secret channels?


If this is the case this is something the IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) will have to take a look at. Update 19.4 introduces to an increased number of gate restrictions which is why you are not able to spawn in. My bad.

This is also my local airport and I can confirm the Q400 is not too large for this airport, EIDL/CFN also has a ramp extension now enabling larger aircraft again to land. EIKY/KIR also has the same issue where you can’t spawn in even a Q400. This airport in real life takes 737’s. This is ridiculous and whoever has updates this clearly didn’t do much research into the matter.


100% agree shammm

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Certainly true. We do have Ryanair 737’s departing out of Kerry and Aer Lingus ATR-72 out of Donegal and Kerry. I hope the situation is fixed!

Davin, research isn’t the issue here and there is an answer to this issue. Is the current situation ridiculous? Its more like a temporary inconvenience but I’m certain that this will be addressed.


Who do I contact to fix this???

There is a moderator working on it with you here in the topic. Just have a bit patience!

It definitely is related, yes

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I’ve alerted a long time airport editing manager whom works closely with the devs responsible for airports. Moritz has much more tribal knowledge on this matter than I. He’ll respond as soon as he can if Val doesn’t arrive first.

Update: Moritz commented above.

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Will it be able to be fixed ASAP??

Well, ASAP as in with the next airport update I guess

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Thank you !!


I am going to be the bad news bear here that will note that airport updates usually are about once a month, so it will likely be early 2020 when this one gets fixed unfortunately. Very odd issue, but thanks to the great airport editing team, it can be fixed soon.

A350s fit in Gate D12 at CLT but aren’t allowed.

Here also is proof from today

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There are airports in the Balkan region which can cater for wide body aircraft for example Turkish Airlines have operated an A330-300 to Skopje/Macedonia and also it is not possible to operate wide body aircraft from Sydney domestic terminals in this update. Could these issues be taken into consideration?

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