Can’t spawn at MWCR with 772

This airport is served by a BA 777-200ER in real life but infinite flight does not allow the ability to spawn with the aircraft.

It’s likely that this airport doesn’t have updated spawn points by the airport editing team.


I just tried selecting this airport with the 772 and can confirm what you seen. The new gate size restrictions implementation is functioning as intended. Maybe one of the fine airport editors can update this airport but that is all dependent on satellite imagery from sources such as Google Earth in order for them to edit the airport to the current editing standards.


I’ll look into this. Maybe I can change the size allowed of one of the gates.

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I changed one of the gates to size E. This will be more than enough for the B777 to spawn in. You will however have to wait until the next scenery push.



Thanks Bruno! ❤️✈️