Can’t Sign In On Web Browser

Hey guys, I have been trying to sign in to Infinite Flight with Google from the computer but it is stuck on this screen. It has been happening for quite a few minutes now. Any thoughts?E93DB609-5376-48B8-94EB-F1DE30D177CF

I know they removed the purchase option on the website, not sure about the sign on though.

Which purchase option?

You used to be able to purchase subscriptions through the website

Oh, now you can’t anymore?

Here’s your answer:


Oh, ok thank you. Also, since we can’t purchase anything from the website, will it be taken down?

I’m sure FDS might be tweaking their website to better facilitate global. But right now their main priority is ensuring that global is in a stable working condition so that everyone can enjoy it in the meantime.

I see. But renewing Infinite Flight Pro is working in the app right?

Yes, you can do that in the app. All IAPs work to my knoweldge.

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Yes, you are able to purchase subscriptions through the app.