Can’t see the moon

I noticed a few other people having problems but nothing I read fixed this issue. At any time, any date in any location I can’t see the moon anywhere. Apparently you can see a full moon in IF if you spawn in a US airport on October 5th. I did this and there was no moon. How can I fix this?

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Check out this:

It should help you find it :)
It’s right where it’s supposed to be, in Infinite Flight as well.


I believe that because there are no clouds in the sim that the clouds can cover up the moon with out you seeing the clouds or moon.

Just mess around with the month part of the date setting and you’ll find it

I had always wanted to find a website like this, thank you very much!

Here’s an example of where it was a few hrs ago. Taken from ESSA, looking south. The issue is, it’s only a shard right now. Can barely see it, but it’s there (looked amazing irl)


when you are in the sim, go to the month and date and mess around with it. I did it. It was fixed for me. If it doesn’t work for you then i don’t know. Maybe it’s some sort of glitch with your system.

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