Can’t see planes

Hello. For some unknown reason After this latest update I have not spotted one single airplane. All I see is aircraft and pilot’s name as if everyone was always using the cockpit camera view. I raised my airplane count to very high and didn’t work. I use mobile data, not WiFi but that has not been a problem in my two plus years I have had IF live until now. My device is a brand new 32gb iPad Air 2 with the latest iOS software 11.2. I would appreciate the help from anybody.

Have you tried reinstalling the app?


No I have not. I will try that. Thanks


Try turning down your graphics and lowering your airplane count. That should assist with bringing aircraft back into view.


Thank you very much. I will try that. Hopefully that will help.

There is an option to “download all planes even on mobile connection” or something like that, have you activate that option?

Actually I have seen that option but I did not know what it meant. I will try that. Thanks so much.

tell us the result will you? :)

There is a plane count setting. Increase it to see more traffic (plane models) when flying

Increase plane count and lower graphics. Be careful though some have experienced crash’s when graphics are running too high.

Hey mate.
I had the same issue, you need to reinstall all aircraft. With the update, the aircraft got slight reworks ( e.g. F22 ), so just download them, and you will be able to see them.

Have a nice day

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Is aircraft boxes ticked?

Did you check if it’s showing a green checkmark next to “Live Server” and “Global Server” on the top right of your screen?


Yes, sometimes it’s green, sometimes orange and other times red. It varies a lot.

I just did what you suggested and it worked. It was kind of confusing to me that box that read “ download all planes even with mobile data “. I thought it meant actually downloading our own planes to use in IF. And not the aircraft of our fellow IF pilots when we are flying. But you were absolutely right. It is kind of weird though because I don’t recall in the 2plus years I’ve been flying live with IF having ever check marked that option on my settings. But now I can see the planes again. Thank you so much.

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I do have to specify that ✅ check marking the option that reads “dowonload all planes ✈️ even with cellular data “ does work and brought all planes back into view. BUT after using that option for a single flight I realized that I would consume the 10 Gigabytes I have on my monthly plan in less than a week which made me immediately go back and uncheck that box in live settings. Flying with cellular data and not WiFi like me makes you have to decide wether you want to fly for a whole month without seeing any planes around or fly for no more than a week waching all other aircraft in IF. So I guess that’s the price to pay when you live out in the country where your only option for internet is Cellular data.

In settings have you made your rendering low maybe that could cause a problem :)

In my 1-2 short flight and 1 long flight per day with the airplane view box ticked, IF only consumed around 616 megabytes a month. I don’t know how much data consumed if you play IF like say 24/7 though.

It’s a one time download, don’t worry :)
Once the aircrafts are downloaded, you don’t need to re download it upon seeing it again.

To be on the safer side, try this at the end of your data term (end of month usually)

If your network status keeps changing,to other people they will see you appearing and disappearing out of nowhere. It is best to fly on a stable network