Can’t see other planes

When I spawn I could only see the callsign.If you can tell me what to do.


Have you updated the app to the latest version? (version 18.2 with the new CRJ)

This is probably due to the reason you have not updated your app to the latest update, to solve this go into your AppStore and go to infinite flight and an update option should be there

It wouldn’t let me update

Are you maintaining a steady WIFI connection? You can restart your router if it helps.

Hmmm have you tried to do it manually by going into the AppStore and clicking update usually auto update could take a while to recognize also deleting the app and re-installing should update it if the first option does not work

It says in the App Store the Version has updated but it doesn’t say update

In that case delete the App and reinstall it, you will not be charged again

Thanks a lot for your help

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Hello, what is the message or error you are experiencing preventing you from redownloading the app?

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I was told to delete and reinstall the app and it won’t let me download the app

If you are having trouble then sign out of your AppStore or PlayStore, restart your device and then reboot and try again.


Ok let me try that out

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It works
Thank you so much 😃

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Glad we can help. Enjoy the update :)

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