Can’t see or access any ATC Station - Training server

When I’m on training server I can’t see or contact any Atc stations. I can see and use the Unicom radio for the airport which is really odd considering there is atc at that airport (I can see what stations are online in the start menu).

It appears on the map and in the atc panel as if it’s just offline but doesn’t actually say it.

I know there is Tower at London city airport because I checked just before I joined. The same thing happens for every airport and Center, including EGLL.

I can also see other traffic on the map but they all have the small general aviation symbol.

Device: IPhone 14 pro max
Operating system: IOS 16 with latest version of IF

Hi, are you using a VPN?

Can you try on a different connection just to help us identify where the issue lies?


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No but I’m on airplane mode as it works better with the Wi-Fi I’m using. I’m on a cruise ship (the internet is pretty fast, I’ve tested it multiple times). I’ve been using the same network and settings for 7 days with no issues

Plus the tick at the top right is green and when you tap on it everything is okay. Same goes for when you select status on one of the information panels at the bottom of the screen.

@Cameron If I delete the app and reinstall will I still have all my stats (Xp, etc) once I login in? Thanks

Yes, you will still have all of your stats if you delete the app and login again.

Thanks I’ll do that then :)

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Thanks for the info. Reinstalling probably won’t work here… getting a stable connection from a moving ship in the sea is probably part of the reason :)

You can try a VPN perhaps as that may help ensure the service is stronger. We’re looking into this though but we probably won’t have a short term solution - so I would try another connection or a VPN and see if that helps!

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Ok thank you. The ship’s connection should be more then good enough. I’ve been able to do long haul flights whilst on this ship while in the middle of the ocean. But thank you anyway 👍

So reinstalled the app… I can now see some if not all ATC stations, I can even send messages to them but I never get anything back… Any suggestions?

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