Can’t see any aircraft suddenly after 20.1

I suddenly couldn’t see any aircraft for some reason and everything has a green check mark beside it so I left before I get reported

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It happened to me yesterday, I think because it is from the pressure from all players joining

It should be back up now. Happened to me. Is it still happening?

It happened like 5 mins ago I’m going to try again respawn

When I respawned it went back to normal but it’s annoying for it to happen randomly very inconvenient to end the flight every time to not get reported.

It seems even though I change the airplane count settings restart my phone I cannot see other aircraft. Before I run the game I offload or other apps for my ram but it still crashes I understand that the server is full but is it normal not to see other aircraft is it coz I’m using cellular data at the moment or something else. I have updated everything but seems not to show other aircraft

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