Can’t see Airways in FPL like in tutorials?

Watching tutorials and getting advice from the forums here i’ve noticed that in all the pictures and videos that they have airways and terrain imaging… i’ve gone through all my settings and can’t see anything i’m missing.

Running IF on iPad Pro 12’9 + iPhone 8+ with latest iOS and IF.

Example from the forum

vs, what i’m seeing on my device.

Thank you in advance


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Airways were removed with the release of global.



Airways was removed when Global was launched due to lack of sufficient data to have them cover the entire world properly.

When it comes to the terrain in the mini-map which i assume you are referring to, it was removed due to performance. Will most likely be re-introduced at a later stage.


Any chance we might ever get them back? Cause we could sure use them at virtualBlue. When we make routes sometimes we gotta hunt for waypoints and since the Nav editing updates aren’t complete we can’t get our route guys on the team to help out.

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Thanks for the quick response! …shame, would be useful.

There’s no information available about that for the moment, at least not to my knowledge.

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I had heard from one of the Nav guys about it when inquiring about joining the team. They’re still rolling out the updates to how the database will be “live” updatable. It’s a bit beyond me, but all I want is accurate airways and SID/STAR/ILS

I’m fully aware of that. But there have been zero said about airways.