Can’t search or add a waypoint

So today I was flying long haul and I went to search for my waypoints. When I searched for the FIX waypoints, nothing appears for an option. Is there anything that I should do to stop this? Thanks.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you confirm that you cleared the search bar by clicking the X icon next to it and retrying? You are basically clearing the search bar. Sometimes things can be odd and not work so this may help.

Yeah, I tried that and it didn’t work for some reason

My solution and advise: Restart your IF or EXIT your gameplay first then start again

Good idea. I’ll try that

Can you also confirm you are typing in the exact letters and that the fix you are searching for is in the database or can be found on the map?

Yes I can confirm that

Well before doing that we want to solve this :)

Don’t do this yet. Let’s try and get to the bottom of it so we can give you a solution if it comes up again.

Well lets start here: What waypoints are you searching for?

The FIX waypoints

Which are what? - Which ones aren’t displaying when you search them? (List the ones you’re having issues with)

Well, all of them. It starts with some of the FIX waypoints working and then after a while I type them in and they just don’t show up. Somehow the other types of waypoints still work.

Are you searching a waypoint or a VOR?

it’s a FIX

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If you are searching for STAR search in Simbrief or Flightplandatabase

Yes I’m on flightplandatabase

SID, STAR or APPR I kind confused about that??

Which fix doesn’t work? Can you copy and paste them for me?

You’re not really helping, Nicholas.

@Dreamlinermaxneo, what is the name of the FIX you are trying to input that isn’t working.

IMPORTANT! Not all waypoint or STAR available from flightplandatabase
I mean fix waypoint