Can’t say airport in sight, almost got reported on expert for “not following instructions”

I’m being threatened to get reported for not following ATC instructions… but I don’t have what he is asking for. Approach at Nellis keeps telling me to report field in sight, but I don’t have that option anymore, and had to leave the flight to avoid being reported. Anyone know why I can’t say field in sight anymore?

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Did you close the ATC panel and then open it again? The prompt for this might change in the time that the panel is closed.

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Nah. I just tested this myself, and I’m missing the button too. Will note internally to be fixed


Checking to see if a reproduce is possible now. Will let you know.

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Yes that didn’t work

Coincidence as right after I made this topic I lost power…

@InfiniteFlightNewark were you told to expect the visual approach? After testing, the button only comes up if you were given an expect approach by ATC


I wasn’t grown any approach and he kept telling me to report field in sight

Looks like this is the reason behind the “Report airport in sight” prompt is not showing. You need to be told to expect the visual approach before it pops up.

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Ah I understand. Thanks guys.

Issue resolved