Can’t Renew

My opening page says my subscription has expired, all thought everything else says it’s still valid. I’ve logged on and off all systems. Any help would be great.

Try clicking the “I already have a subscription” see if that works

I’ve renewed before, the point is it’s saying it’s expired yet it’s not. On top of it will not let me pay.

In that case try what George said above, and if that doesn’t work, then try logging out and then logging in again. Additionally try a uninstall / reinstall of the app and see if that solves the issue.

Hello Matthew!
When was the last time you used this subscription?

I’ve done all of the above, still says I’m active yet IF says no.

I’ve been away since lest Wednesday due to family emergency.

Thank you.

I’m looking into it. Looks a bit odd from my end…

Ah Sebastian is here, i’ll leave it up to him to solve the problem, and i wish you good luck, hope it gets solved.

I’ll take my leave then :)

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Matthew, is anyone else using Infinite Flight with your Apple-ID? Any family members or similar?

No just me, I’m the only one using it.

@Matthew_Hromek did the thing i said work?

I already know what it is, kind of.
Just need a few moments to go through all the steps from here.


It did not work. I’m sure it will get resolved.

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