Can’t release brakes

Well…I was just doing a flight as normal on training server and this happens I click on it and it goes off for a split second and goes back on .

Steps I took:
Tried seeing if it is my live flight connect and my FCS which is a Logitech extreme 3D pro
Managed to put that out of the picture
Ok so then I tried switching aircraft 737-7 to 737-7bbj and nothing still did it
I then switched airport AND did the aircraft swap

Airports I tried Homey AFB
Nellis AFB
Edwards AFB
and Mcarran
Then I searched here and couldn’t find a answer that helps
Now I’m doing this


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What device are you on?

Have you rebooted?
Have you gone to settings/controls and restore defaults?
If it still exists after that you may want to uninstall and reinstall. But see if rebooting helps.

Unfortunately I have done that all of them actually I am using a iPhone 7 newest apple update but it was working fine 30 min ago

You uninstalled and reinstalled infinite flight?

Yes I have tried that

I know a fellow pilot who plays on iPhone 7 I will ask him if he ever has this problem

So the flight stick is not plugged in and live flight connect is not connected? Just want to make sure that any link is broken.

That might be a faulty screen. Have You ever repaired Your screen? If so, was it done in a third party (not Apple)?

Yes completely disconnected

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How would that be it the screen works fine on other apps

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Ah no never had a repair

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Ok so my friend said yes to his 7 and never to his 6s after having for two years and 7 for 1 month

Infinite Flight has a setting “Show Touches”. Settings > General and check the checkbox near the bottom. Then try clinking on the brakes, see where it reacts and try to do that on the same spot when exited out of the flight, lets say in the Infinite Flight home screen. If it persists there, it’s a faulty screen.

Go into the settings/controls and go to the commands tab.

Gonto brakes and select it and choose reset.


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