Can’t reinstall IF After a glitch where I couldn’t start the app

As the title states App Store keeps loading If but doesn’t install

First off, what’s your device? What OS is it? How much storage do you have? Are you on a reliable internet connection?

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iPhone 6s iOS 13 and yes I do

I had an issue the other day installing an app on iPadOS 13.1.3, can you give us the specific version number?

iOS 13.1.3

How much storage do you have as you never answered that one.

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21 out of 31 GB

So it sounds like you have enough, try a restart of the device.

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Okay so just hold the off button??👍

That’s correct then once the scrolling dots disappear wait about 45 seconds for the system to clear.

Okay I will

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Okay it worked thanks @Qantas094

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