can’t purchase subscription

I tried this many times.

Hello, could you please mention the device?
Also, it may be advisable to shift the category to #support.

Are you sure that you have an internet connection?

If so, did it charge your bank card, or did the payment not go through?


是 xiaomi mix2 使用googleplay 购买

Internet is working

Hello! Are you using a strong connection? Yes? No?

  • If yes. then proceed to follow the step below:

    • Restart Infinite Flight
    • Restart your device
    • In some case, these steps above does not work then you may have to uninstall and reinstall.
  • If no, make sure that you have a strong connection.

Don’t have a strong connection?

  • Try turn off and on the wifi.
  • Try to go on airplane mode on and off.
  • In some case, if these steps above do not work then you may have to restart your router.

Thanks and hope it’s work!

Maybe Google play is down in your area?

Using a different method of purchasing might be helpful.

Hey, can I talk to him in Chinese real quick? I think he/she doesn’t really understand.

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English is required, but you can PM him. Good luck!

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Are you using a modded apk of infinite flight?
Did you download the sim from Google play?

EDITED: I have translated his previous text and he says he purchased it before successfully.

I hope he understands traditional chinese cuz that guy uses simplified chinese.

Yeah, I only know a few characters, let alone sentences. Still learning!

We also never got a confirmation on if he’s using a VPN, so that could possibly be it although I doubt it.


This was the record I bought before, which was the normal online payment model.

How are you buying IF Pro for only $4.99 a month. It should be $9.99 a month.

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Look at the purchase date, 2017, before global was introduced and the price model was updated.

@LegendaryRoro88 you should have a look at the dates of those purchases one more time ;)

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Oh wait, nvm.

thanks everyone. I found solved this problem
Because Xiaomi MIUI permissions, pop-up permissions on Google Play background purchases “Allow background pop-up desktop”
I am comeback IF OL!
hope everyone can enjoy this game.!

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