Can’t purchase pro

Hello! I made an account so I could purchase IF Pro but when I go to the app it shows I don’t even have an account associated with the game. Is there something I’m missing? My IPhone X is up to date and so is the game. Thank you in advance!


What happens when you tap “Log back in with Facebook”?
Are you getting the error displayed in your first picture at that point?

Yes. The pictures are in reverse order lol, sorry! I’ll go into the app and try to purchase pro, then the login screen pops up. When I hit “log back in with facebook” the second picture pops up (as if I never logged in). Then when I put my Facebook information in, the first picture pops up and says I don’t even have an account.

Try restarting the app. Or redownload it and see if that works.

Can you try tapping “No account? Sign up here!” and continue from there.

I searched our database for your name (based on your username here) and couldn’t find anything. So the account creation you did earlier might have failed.


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