Can’t Purchase Live

I have never bought live before and I’m trying to buy it. I’m on a kindle and it’s the latest update. Whenever I log and and try to buy a subscription it says error. Product not found


In what device are you using IF?

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Hi @Adam_Rowland
Help us help you! Please provide the operating version of your kindle. A screenshot would be nice as well. Thanks

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I see you just added to your post that it’s the latest version. However, are there any modifications to it? I’m not sure about Kindle or other devices, so I recommend asking a member of staff such as @Tyler_Shelton for further assistance. Good luck!

May be checking your store credentials and re-instal the game help… as @RTG113 said contac a staff member for further assistance, good luck!

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@moderators will be most helpful


Thank you for your business and I’d be happy to help. Have you attempted to purchase via as well?

If the issue persists contact us at