Can’t pull up only AP is able to control aircraft

So I got bored and wanted to just screw around in the f-18 so I get ready and takeoff normally. However as I attempt to rotate it completely fails so I do these things.

  1. Recalibrate
  2. Reset Flight to takeoff
  3. Restart Flight Completely
  4. Close and Reopen app
  5. Update it
  6. Try another plane.
  7. Reset all settings on controls
    All failed
    Was wondering if this is an issue with anyone else the only thing that works is trim and AP and ruder.

Try restarting your device.


Seems like you’ve covered everything excepts the one that solves it.

  • Device restart :)
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yeah we good here I was stupid

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Your not stupid! You just didn’t think of it, happens to me all the time! I am the stupid one here!

Don’t stress mate, there’s a reason the IFC has the support category. It’s to help everyone out, sometimes the simplest of option is the last thing any of us think about so don’t even worry. Happy you could get it sorted.