Can’t play online

Ok, so, I’ve just purchased the pro, so I am grade 1, but the training server requires grade 2, and I can t get to grade 2 without flying online…
What can I do?

Fly on the casual server 😉


In order to fly online, you’ll need to start on the casual server.

By flying on Casual you’ll with time acquire the requirements needed to enter Training and ultimately Expert. So keep flying in Casual, and gain XP, Landings, and Flight Hours till you reach Grade 2 and enter Training Server, which also where you’ll find Active ATC at most airports. But largely in more famous ones like London Heathrow and Los Angeles Int’l (LAX).

Once you enter Training, remember as the jame suggests the ATC are also trainee so they don’t quite know how real ATC procedures works, and they also learning while there, so cut them some slack for doing wrong sometimes :)

Lastly when you do become Grade 3 and are allowed to enter Expert, remember here we are all serious players. We follow to a high extend, real life procedures and ATC are well trained and will give out warnings and ultimately a ghost (report), if rules are not followed. But don’t be afraid as we are happy to help you along the way. With our amazing Regulars on the forum, a great chunk of members with good amount of knowledge and Moderators here on the forum, we can always assist you on your way to higher grades :)

Also you are free to PM any IFATC as well if you wish to regarding ATC matters on Expert once you get there.

But till then, Casual it is, then Training before you make your way to real deal = Expert. Hope to see you there one day, and Merry Christmas + Happy Holidays 😊


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