Can’t play on expert, but I’m Grade 3.

I was able to play on expert a few hours ago, but I just tied starting a flight from Vancouver to Juneau and this happened:

Also, for anyone wondering here is my grade table (To prove I’m Grade 3)

Try a quick flight on casual or training. See what happens.

So I just tried restarting my app and now it says I have been ghosted, I wasn’t ghosted during my last flight on the expert server a few hours ago, so I’m unsure of what is happening…

Go to your log book and check who ghosted you.

Can someone link me to the user’s account so I can figure out what exactly happened. I don’t remember doing anything that would be reminiscent of what the report says.

It may be @Jan_Sd

Sent him a DM to check if it’s the same person

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