Can´t open the app


I’m having a problem that scares me a lot:

A few days before when I tried to open the game, it wouldn’t load even if I had a good connection, it would stay loading for 2-3 minutes when normal is 10-15 seconds.

I restarted my iPad to see if it would fix it, but it only got worse.

Now when I try to open the App, it doesn’t even go to the first loading screen, it stays on a black screen and just ejects me from the app 1 or 2 seconds after opening it.

I’m really scared that it could be something serious, if someone can help me as soon as possible I would be very grateful.

Did you try to unistall-install Infinite Flight ?

Nop, I was thinking about it, but I prefered for have any answer before doing something without knowing

Also, Im afraid of something happening to my IF PRO sub

Your Pro Sub will be fine. If you close Infinite Flight and stop it from running in the background. Then reboot your device and try relaunching Infinite Flight again but it doesn’t load still, I’m afraid that at this point your best option is to delete it and reinstall. You might have a corrupt file which the reinstall will resolve, also make sure you have a strong and stable WiFi or Cellular connection.

I’m gonna try it, wish me luck

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Thanks so much, now the problem is solved, and also I cleaned like 10 GB of space.