Can’t open Infinite flight

I have been playing for a year and all of a sudden my game will not open and it’s really annoying. I have a membership but idk if deleting it will get ride of my membership or not. Pls help guys.

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Have you tried restarting your phone?

Could also possibly be an Internet connection issue.

What does it say when you open it?

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Deleting the app & re-installing will not do anything to your membership you will be fine with that, i suggest you restart your device if that doesn’t work then delete and reinstall.

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If your membership is linked to google or facebook, you delete the game and reinstall and it won’t delete your membership. Make sure it is linked first

Deleting and reinstalling the app should serve as the last option. It should not be treated lightly, as replays that may be deemed critical will be lost in the process.

Before that, I suggest that you look into the error codes that are present if there are any. If the app is simply not launching, a full device reboot should be attempted.


Ok thank you guys so much I will try to what you guys said! :)

Hello, does Error Code 7 pop up? If so read more about it here:

No just goes black then crashes.


If the app is crashing for you almost immediately, the only viable resolution is unfortunately to reinstall.
I recommend you do so in the order given below:

  1. Uninstall Infinite Flight from your device
  2. Restart your device
  3. Reinstall Infinite Flight from the store.

The restart in between is important to be certain that cached files that might be the root cause to the crash, gets deleted.

Let us know if you run into any further issues :)

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Ok thank you! it just sucks because Im almost to grade 3

You won’t loose the stats or sub :)

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ok thank you/it worked. You guys are awsome

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awesome* sorry for my bad spelling

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