Can’t open IF

Hello all, since yesterday, I can’t open IF; the app crashes a few seconds after I open it. I already tried to restart my device, it still doesn’t work. I don’t want to reinstall IF because, like all IFATC members, I have to keep my ATC sessions for 7 days. My device: iPad Air 2, iPadOS 13.6.1 and I have 1GB of storage available.

Thanks for those who will help me.

Hi it might because you have 1GB storage left & it needs more to run?

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I don’t think it’s a storage problem because I’ve been having 1GB of storage and even less all the time. The day before the problem, I made an session, it worked perfectly.

Did this issue happen after you installed the hot fix update?

When was the hot fix?

Yesterday It came out

I remember that I did a session after it came out but a few hours later the app started to crash

Try ensuring that iOS is up to date, delete the app and re-download. Replays should stay on your account.

It will run better on iOS 14, but due to your storage you may be unable to download so try and delete some apps or upload things to iCloud.

Oh, didn’t know that. In that case, I’ll reinstall IF.

I know mine were backed up, think it may depend on your settings

Which settings?

I always use deleting the app as a last resort, let me do some looking into it before you do. If you have any apps that you don’t use taking up storage delete those first and update your device.

On my old device I crashed with low storage!

Have you issued and Lvl 3/2 Vios in the past 7 days? If not try to ask IFATC if you can remove the replays because of your problem

Yes, but I only have 16GB flash memory lol. But I’ll try to delete all the unnecessary apps.

Yeah what @Captainflight said! Meant to say that but tiredness is getting the best of me!

Hope it gets sorted for you :))


I’ve given no violations in the past 7 days so yes, I’ll ask IFATC supervisors if it’s possible.


Okay, I have reinstalled IF, it now works. I obviously lost all my replays but a supervisor told me that it doesn’t matter. Thanks all for your help!