Can’t message

Hello, I apologise if you get asked this question a lot, I am new to the forum and I can’t find where to message someone?


Currently, you’re ranked TL0 (new user) which does not allow you to message other users yet.

Soon though, after interacting with the forum here & there, you’ll be TL1 (basic) where you can message other users & receive a bunch of other features. :)

Just keep contributing positively to the community & you’ll be there in no time!


Unfortunately as you are new you cannot message yet!

Check this out, and welcome to the Forum! Its a wonderful place!
Happy Flying :D

Edit: @Luke_M beat me to it!


The forum requirements are different from those default discourse ones, and the requirements are not disclosed to prevent farming. The easiest way is to just spend some time reading.


Oh I completely forgot about that. Thanks!

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What are the requirements to be able to message?

You need to be TL1. Just keep reading a bit and you’l get there.

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I see, thank you!

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