Can’t login

It’s says I do not have a subscription and occasionally will say can’t connext to iTunes Store.

Can you provide a screenshot? A bit more information would be useful - what’s your device? Have you reinstalled?

You most likely need to hit the “restore purchases” button. Try that ;)

  • Generally a simple restart of IF by closing and shutting the app down can resolve an issue like this.

  • If that doesn’t work, try restarting your device.

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I have hit restore I have hit I have an account already.

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I have reinstalled, I have restarted the app, I have restarted the iphone.

I am facing the same problem after subscribing for 1 year still i cant log in and play 😢


Try reinstalling IF to see if it helps.

Same issue thanks for posting the picture.

Reinstalled the app

Closed and reopened the app

Restarted my iPhone

When did this issue first start arising? What’s your device?

Close the app, reset your router and restart your device. Make sure that you reset your router and report back.

Router has nothing to do with it. Tried at work tried at home tried just in cellular.

This started today first time post update.

iPhone 6s

Okay then try clearing your network settings for us.

Reset Network Settings
-From the home screen, tap Settings.
-Scroll down to, then tap General.
-Scroll down to, then tap Reset.
-Tap Reset Network Settings.
-Tap Reset Network Settings to confirm.

Restart and relaunch

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Ok reset network settings as described restarted phone and app. Didn’t work

Are you making sure your logged into your Apple Account in the App Store?

Yes just verified by logging out and back in.

I will say my iTunes account is not the same email as my IF account however it hasn’t prevented me from connecting in the past.

That sounds like it could be the problem. Can you try using the same email then?

Well how would I merge the emails?

Ok tried creating an account with Facebook and a new email. Still no luck. I’m getting frustrated to the point of not playing anymore.