Can’t login

Title says it. I’ve been playing global for almost a day now but after my last flight the app crashed so I decided to take a break. Now, I can’t seem to login to my account. It auto signed out and I can get back in.

Try restarting your device first, then reinstalling the app if it still doesn’t work. These steps usually fix the issue ;)

Although, after that if you still can’t get in, make sure that you have a good internet connection and that you are using the same credentials as the ones you used to create the account.


This happened to me. I had to update my OS and then it started working again.

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It actually works on a case by case basis. Recently someone just had to restart their device and it started to work for them.

But one of these steps usually fixes the issue :)


THAnk you so much @Sal


No problem, see ya in the skies ;)