Can’t login with google

I’ve been trying to log in with google but it comes up with a message saying ‘account not found’.
I’m running the latest iOS with the latest infinite flight update and I’m on an iPhone 7

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Can you double check that you’re entering your Google Account details and not your Apple Details into the option to sign in?

To check if you’ve forgotten the username or password, please attempt to login into with your Google details.

Report back with your findings :)

I’m 100% sure I’m entering the correct details.

Okay. Just to make sure, how long ago were you able to login with your Google Details into Infinite Flight?

I also suggest that you check your network connection and restart your iPhone. If it doesn’t work try reinstalling Infinite Flight.

It was a long time ago as I stopped playing for a bit.

Okay, please try my suggestions from my previous post:

Do you remember your last callsign and display name you might have used?

Thanks for all your help guys. I really appreciate it. I finally go it to work. Just had to restart my phone. Again thank you.