Can’t login new profile

I want to use the new account!
The program doesn’t give inter into the new profile.
What I should do!?

Is this regarding this forum or infinite flight?

Infinite flight

Hello, Please explain in more detail so we can help :)

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Oh okay, I’d say @schyllberg is the best man for the job :)

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Is the app crashing when you try logging in?
What device do you use?
Where did you download the app from?


iPhone 8+

I used my account many years! But controllers really Left from under your control…
You can’t adjust relationships between controllers and pilots…
I struggled for justice, but I have no the power more… I have tired.
I want to make a new account, but my new email address no use the because the program block it.
What I should do for creat a new account???image

Hm, are you logging in from Google or Facebook?

I’ll let schyllberg deal with this. Good Luck.

Your account is attached to your Apple-ID. There’s currently no way of creating a separate account in the way you are trying to.

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I bought the game and I can’t change the account because the system of game imperfective?
This is miracle!! And perfection!)))
I should fly in 2nd and wait 1 year, because some controllers are sick?? And pay money every month??? Ore just give the money?)) Wow!
What I should do ???
I bought the money!

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