Can’t log into IF account

I have been away for several months due to a car accident. After downloading the IF app on my new iPhone (8 plus) I’ve tried to log in and it says it doesn’t recognize my email. I had a ton of XP points racked up and would really like to get that account active again.
Any suggestions??

Hi there!

Unfortunately, there is no way to sign in if you don’t have a current subscription. If you buy one though, it will then give you the option to sign in to your account.

I do have a current subscription

Did you create a new Apple ID with the new device?

Have you signed in with the same Apple ID you had on your old phone? If so, try signing in using your older ID and see if ghat will work.

You are able to log into accounts with or without a subscription through the credentials.

Resolved via PM. Just wrong email used :)