Can’t log into forums while on WiFi

Hi guys and girls,

Just recently got an iPhone 8. I can log onto the forums without WiFi however when I connect to WiFi it says I cannot log in with this ip?

Any help would be much appreciated!

I don’t know for sure so don’t quote me on this but It could be possible that the wifi you are using blocks the forum. If that is the case you just need to figure out a way around it or just use data.

Are you using your home WiFi? Or a public WiFi network?

Strange but I’ll look into it as, my partner has the same me and it works fine on her WiFi?

@jakevaz423 I use home WiFi

Ok then most likely what I said previously is not the case if other people can access the forum on the same internet

You haven’t had any past history with the forum, correct? Did you have a past account and get banned?

Do you have a screenshot to share with us please?

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Yes, that would be helpful. :)

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@jakevaz423 no not at all, I rarely used the forums up till now image

Use a VPN and see if that works

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Do you and your partner use the same WiFi? You mentioned that it worked on her WiFi no problem.

Yes, try Turing on VPN like @Chatta290 said too.

Yes we use the same WiFi at mine and at hers

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Okay. Try what @Chatta290 mentioned above.

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It says the exact same with a VPN

Suggestion: Try logging in in a cellular network. You should remain logged in after you switched to WIFI again. Still, it’s weird. But it just reminds me of a time when Swiss users had a problem logging in in their IF account because Swisscom, our most expensive network provider, decided to blew it up. Maybe it’s something similar here.

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Hmmm… Try restarting your router. That will make sure we have a clean slate.

I’ll give both a go!

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Any update? @JamieArscott

Still the same problem sadly