Can’t log into app

Everytime I try this appears. And my login data’s aren’t false for shure


This seems to be a problem with only IOS 13.6.1

Just to confirm, are you using the correct Google account to login? You may have used another account.

I’m using surely the correct account

It is happening to a lot of people at the moment. Some problem with IOS 13.6.1. I am sure the devs are trying to fix it soon.

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I hope so 😢

This happened to me when I got my new phone just recently. Make sure you have purchased IF on the right app store account with the subscription. If you have, try deleting and reinstalling IF again. Hopefully this works and you get your account back.
Have a great day!

It works! :) thanks

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That’s wonderful! Glad I could help! 😀😁

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