Can’t log in to my pro sub

I am having issues logging I. To my infinite flight account and I have the yearly sub

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Hey! Sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please provide us more information? Useful information would be what your app is saying in the Home Screen. This gives us a sense of where you are in the login process. Thanks!

Yea I am trying to log in to my sub and I have the yearly subscription and the email is and it is saying to renew it again😐

I added a picture to provide you with

And I renewed it under that email and it is saying that it is not renew with the picture that I provided you has the get pro logo

Click “get pro” then in the bottom right click “I already have a account”

Then use your password you set to log in with either facebook, google, or the IFC

I have tried that tho and it still brings it up ☹️

Please DM me on discord :)

This is not a solution, people.
We have this category to help people publicly and for others to find solutions to their problems without perhaps having to post :)

If people start managing things like this over DM’s - what’s the point? :)


Click switch accounts then re-login with your account that you bought your pro with. Let us know if this works.

He already tried that.

Oh you can close this thread I got solved the solution already :) I am in already 🙂

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Awesome!! Glad you figured it out!

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Thanks for trying to help tho :)