Can’t link my account

if won’t link my account. i tried clicking on pro and i already have an acc, but itll say error code 1

This is something you can see when you have yet to create an account in Infinite Flight and are trying to sign in. As you purchase your first subscription, an account in Infinite Flight is created for you. You can then choose to link your account with a Infinite Flight Community profile which allows you to use your subscription on multiple devices, as well as securing your account in case you lose access to it for some reason. If you try to sign in and are receiving Error Code 1, it means that you’re trying to sign in to an account that does not exist in the applications database as of yet.

Here’s the post to the error code 1, Made by Cameron.

Hey, @ryanairlanding! As my buddies said above try to follow the steps, I think that you have to unlink the account, revert to default, and then you’ll be able to link the account with your subscription that is on to IFC.

Remember that you can always contact

ah thanks, so is what your saying you need pro to link account? because what’s happening is i can’t press link account and i don’t have pro. i tried going to pro and i already have an account but that didn’t do anything

Have you had PRO before?

no, not yet.

Then you won’t be able to link the account until you have a subscription :)

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