Can’t land aircraft goes underground

I’m currently flying and have tried to land 5 times at OMDB but aircraft is going underground any solution to it? I have been flying for 15.30 hours and this happens at landing


Hello, what device and operating system are you using for Infinite Flight? (Example: iPhone 6 Plus, iOS 11)

Yea im on the tarmac and saw you. Lol just go to your alternate.

Most likely it’s not going to load. Good decision to find an Alternate though. We’re you able to put it down at OMDM?

No couldn’t do that about to go to OMAA

I’m using IPad ProIOS 11.0.1

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Yea I saw, if OMAA doesn’t work, trying moving to a better spot for connection. If not that, I’d just leave and give up the landing. Your not losing anything but the landing.

My internet is 100 mbps so it’s not that

It may be because the servers are under another heavy load, due to some Android users getting access to Global, plus it’s the weekend meaning that everyone now wants to fly.
Maybe @Tyler_Shelton could be of further assistance. Did you also try restarting your device and deleting then re-installing the app?

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He’s flying right now no. He’s trying to land at an alternate.

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Well, see how this next landing goes, and if the problem keeps up then delete and re-install Infinite Flight. If that doesn’t help, please reach out for further assistance. Good luck!


Reinstall after you land, as your scenery is likely corrupted. Others have experienced the same and a fresh install will help.


Guys it’s sometimes showing an exclamation mark near api service saying slow response to some users…

Okay thanks Tyler will do that

I experienced a similar issue today in Amsterdam…I don’t remember the airport…though it was south east of eddl…I crashed about 500 feet above the terrain below… apparently it was possibly the elevation in the game was set wrong!

Fingers crossed… hope you can land it…

He made it on the ground.

Aircraft stopped but it was underground

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I got 9k xp is it proper or is it because ei couldn’t land properly flight was about 15.50 hours

I tried spawning at OMDB and nothing happened spawned normally