Can’t hear the apu

So turn i on the APU and when its turning on I can hear it but when it’s on I can’t hear it anymore. And it’s not only me a couple of my friends got this problem too anyone have the same or have a solution for this because it’s really annoying me a and my friends too .

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What aircraft are we talking about here?

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It is the 757 and 777

Do you have the sound volume on in the “Audio” settings?

Yes they’re on the loudest they can be

If they can hear it starting up, the sound is working. Please do not ask unnecessary questions that really don’t help the situation.

I’m currently investigating the situation, please stand by.

Yeah they are all on maximum volume and I can’t hear it

it’s like as soon as they finish starting up I can’t hear the APU anymore most of my friends have the same problem

Okay, so I ran a trial with both aircraft, using the Normal camera view at an empty airport, using the same audio settings and same headphones. To begin with, the APU isn’t supposed to be as loud as a typical engine, nor is it supposed to sound like it. The startup that you described was the same with both the 757 and 777, and for the most part, sounded completely normal. When the startup was completed, there’s a slight humming sound, more prominent in the 777 than the 757. It’s hardly noticeable with the 757, which is identical to its real world counterpart.

I don’t think it’s an issue with Infinite Flight, and weighing all the factors I’ve presented, I think it’s a misinterpretation on your end, which is completely fine. If you want to hear the APU as loud as possible, I strongly recommend using headphones and navigating your camera closer to the APU (located on the right side of the tail). If you have any more questions, or if you still are confused (in particular, if you’d like to send me a video - screen recording or unlisted YouTube video - regarding the situation), I’d be happy to assist.

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Sorry for the additional question, I just want to clear something up for myself and it might just be how I read it, but you never know.

Are you saying you can’t hear the APU after you start up the engines or after the APU itself starts up without engines running?

I can confirm I am having this problem too.

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Without the engines .

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Can I ask what device you are using to play infinite flight ?

iPad Pro 12.9 2018

I am also having the same issue.

iPad 6th Generation (iOS 14.3)

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I’ve seen this for a while now. After it starts it’s fine. Go inside cockpit and go back out and it’s completely gone.

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In testing this, I found that the APU sound didn’t shut off after I turned the APU off… oops… wonder if that’s part of the same issue?

Ok so multiple devices have this problem

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