Can’t hear ATC

ATC/ATIS sounds have disappeared when playing IF on my iPad. Can hear all other sounds fine…anyone help? Thank you

Hey there!

Are you running iOS 17, by any chance? Issues with ATC voices on iOS 17 are known and being investigated, as outlined in the Support FAQ

This is a know issue with IOS 17, the temporary fix is to restart your device. Wont be permanently fixed until apple fixes it

Actually, this should be fixed in 23.3.
Apple did some sneaky, discrete changes (surpising…) with iOS17 which we’ve corrected with successful results in Beta. So… stick around ;)


Wait, I’ve been on the iOS 17 Public Beta for a few months now, and haven’t experienced any issues when contacting ATC. Is this only for users on iOS 17 regular updates?

Not sure, it happens in a certain scenario which would be odd if it hadn’t happened for you.

Basically, then a new message interrupts a previous one - it fails.

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